Dental Clinic in Mysore

Welcome to Smile Maker Dental Clinic!

Smile Maker Dental Clinic is an oral healthcare clinic located in Mysore, the heritage city of South India. We offer oral health care solutions from basic dental care to advanced dental treatments. We practice all the branches of dentistry, and our motto is “Working towards a healthy Smile”. We work in a pleasant atmosphere, where the patients feel at ease and comfortable. Smile Maker Dental Clinic takes pride in providing state-of-the-art facilities along with dedicated service of its staff and dentists. Our team of dentists is headed by Dr. Syed Nabeel, who believes in “Right Smile, with the Right Bite”.

We work with the latest technology in the case of dental Implants. We use Rotary Endodontics for Root Canal Treatments, for your comfort and ease, in our Three Dental Work stations. We insist on maximum hygiene and infection free patient care. Our trained and qualified staff makes your dental treatment stress free and comfortable.

Apart from these, Smile Maker Dental Clinic uses good quality sterilization techniques and procedures for surgeries such as, Dental Extractions, Impactions, and Surgical and Aesthetic Periodontal procedures including, Gum De-pigmentations to ensure maximum hygiene and infection free patient care.